14 March 1932 Benno Karpeles, political journalist and activist, baptised #otdimjh

On This Day In Messianic Jewish History


Benno Karpeles (1868- 1938) was an Austrian politician, publicist and editor. Formerly a writer on the staff of the “Arbeiter-Zeitung,” a Socialist newspaper in Vienna, he is little known today.


After visiting Theresa Neumann, the stigmatist [mystic with the signs of the cross on her body] of Konnnersreuth, Gerrnany, several times, he was baptized on March 14, 1932, in the little church at Konnersreuth, and Theresa was his godmother. He had been a political journalist and activist, at times Communist, Socialist, Anarchist, Centrist and Social Democrat. As a Roman Catholic he tried also to develop his political views alongside his faith, but apparently without success. I have not been able to confirm all the details of his story, or find a photo of him, and would be grateful if anyone has any further information.


Karpeles studied Economics in London (1894-1897), where he has also became ​​acquainted with the leaders…

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