What Happens When He Draws Us Near?

My Story, My Song

Have you ever asked the Lord to draw you closer to Him? Did your question come from a time of despair, grief, or desperation? Or did your question come from a place of guilt at your own complacency?

We’ve all had times when we wanted to beg someone to hold us close. “Not me,” you may say. “I’m fine on my own.” But it’s not true, friend.

When a baby is just venturing forth on his tentative feet by himself, he becomes part of a complicated dance of balance and motion. He sways this way and that, gains a confidence he didn’t know was there, takes several almost-running steps, and then eventually falls flat. Usually on his face. And what does he do?

He cries for someone to pick him up and hold him close.He buries his face on their shoulder and pours out his woes while the one who loves him croons softly…

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