Matthew Parris – An Atheist Homosexual with a Better Understanding of Christianity than many Church leaders!

This is an old  but highly relevant article from Matthew Parris – an atheist, homosexual who gets Christianity much better than some professing Christians!  I picked this up from the UK Apologetics FB page…It is an astonishing piece which exposes the flaws in the thinking of the likes of Steve Chalke and all those ‘Christian’ leaders who want us to turn away from (or reinterpret into meaninglessness) the Bible’s teaching.  Read this articles and pass it on… is just as true and relevant as when it was written.

Matthew Parris
The London Times, August 2003

Anglican evangelicals are right. Knowingly to appoint gay bishops robs
Christianity of meaning. It is time that convinced Christians stopped
trying to reconcile their spiritual beliefs with the modern age and
understood that if one thing comes clearly through every account we
have of Jesus’s teaching, it is that His followers are not urged to

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