Scholars in Press: An interview with Jeremy Thompson

Excellent interview!

Old School Script

333269_2971848582136_1715136320_oName: Jeremy Thompson

Education: PhD in Biblical Languages from the University of Stellenbosch; MA in Old Testament and Hebrew from the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary; BS in Psychology from Louisiana State University; Currently working on a certification in Python programming through the O’Reilly School of Technology (previously, but no longer, overseen by the University of Illinois)

Favorite things: In addition to the more obviously important areas of my life like spending time with my wife and two daughters, my favorite hobbies include running and drinking craft beer (and being from Louisiana you could add cooking and eating). I’ve found that both of those hobbies happily, mutually reinforce one another.


How did linguistics intersect with biblical studies in your life (or vice-versa)?

My PhD dissertation in applied linguistics and Biblical Hebrew emerged out of my interests in psychology as an undergraduate and the experience of sitting in introductory Biblical Hebrew courses…

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