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Mom's Going to Madagascar

Hey friends! As you know, I am heading to Madagascar on a mission trip next summer. While I am in Madagascar, I’ll be working alongside a wonderful woman of God, Domoina, who is a native to Madagascar. She and her husband serve the people in their area through Campus Crusade for Christ and MOPs. Domoina’s mission is to reach every woman from womb to widow with the gospel of Jesus. The original plan was for me to go this summer, but the funds didn’t come through. After much prayer and discussion, Domoina and I decided to postpone for one year. I was disheartened. I felt certain that God was calling me to go as soon as possible, and it seemed as though He had changed His mind. Today, though, I am thrilled that He shut the door for a moment. In this waiting period, God is doing great things!

2 Consider it pure…

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