Blindsided : a book review.

thoughts, prayers & songs:

When I picked up Blindsided by God I was only tagently aware of his story. My wife read his blog and I can remember telling me about his journey. My eyes welled up with tears several times as I read his story.

BlindedChin was an Evangelical Covenant Pastor in Washington D.C. and a church planter.  He blogged about justice, race and the Kingdom of God. But his first year as a church planter was marked by suffering. Before he moved into the neighborhood he was to pastor in, burglars broke into the house they were moving into and stole the bathroom fixtures. That same year his wife Carol had a miscarriage. Then came a diagnosis. She had breast cancer and a particularly aggressive form of it. When they sought treatment their health insurance provider told them they wouldn’t cover them because of a gap in coverage (they managed to prove their wasn’t one and get their…

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