A NEW GROUP BLOG!!—Passing the Salt Shaker

Alastair's Adversaria

A few months ago a few of us had a conversation on Twitter in which we discussed the possibility of changing the shape of the conversations surrounding gender, Christianity, and the Church. Although we came from a number of different perspectives, we all felt that there was a need to resist the entrenched polarization that can exist in debates around subjects such as complementarianism and egalitarianism, to take the time to listen to, understand, learn from, and challenge each other. We also had a shared conviction that—whatever theological positions we may hold—the Church hasn’t recognized, nurtured, welcomed, and engaged women and their gifts as it should and that we should reflect on how such a situation can be changed.

The idea lay dormant for a while, but a month and a half ago we started a collaborative blog in which to have such a conversation in public. We have blogged privately…

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