A Welcome in the Hills and a Lesson for the Church…


We had a lovely walk yesterday up Turin hill at Aberlemno in Angus. Although there is a ‘right to roam’ in Scotland one of the local farmers was clearly not keen to have anyone walk through his land. The double knotted tied gates, electric fences and removed signs all indicated that. When he drove up to us on his quad bike and just stopped and glared at us, we sensed his lack of welcome!

2015-03-21 12.29.362015-03-21 12.35.49

“I’ve been on to the council for years, about this walk. Its the insurance you see. I’ve got stock, if you had your own insurance it would be fine”. I wanted to tell him I had insurance for being savaged by a sheep! And that if we were stupid enough to go in a field with a bull it would be our responsibility not his. I told him I had grown up on a farm and knew…

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