An interesting article recently appeared on the Christian Today website apparently showing that there is a big shift in Christian attitudes towards same sex relationships.  Apparently one in four church goers now thinks that same sex relationships are ok but 37% of those are too frightened to speak out.

But is it really that straight forward?   There are lies, damn lies and ‘research statistics’.     You will forgive my cynicism but there are several pointers here that indicate this ‘research’ is somewhat skewed and dishonest.

1) The research was done by Oasis Trust – which is campaigning vociferiously on this issue.  It is not impartial, independently verified research.  I trust it as much as I trust UKIP research which shows that the majority of British people are against immigrants!

2) The ‘research’ refers to ‘church goers’ which includes everyone from Quakers to charismatics.  There are no figures…

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