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Posted by Kris with a K

LanguageMyth1Lingua just published a critical-review by David Adger of Vyvyan Evans’ new popular-level book The Language Myth as well as an article Evans published on Aeaon. I actually just finished the book yesterday; so his review is quite timely on my end. I had been talking with several others about doing an interview with Evans in which we ask him some hard questions on his book, but all the while remained somewhat skeptical that a leading linguist would come talk on a blog aimed at showcasing the intersection of linguistics and biblical studies. But hey, maybe we’ll give it a go.

Anyways, Adger’s review article is quite welcome (and free): it’s short, to the point, and hits on some key issues most readers probably aren’t aware of.

For instance, Adgertalks about several key notions he suggests Evans either misunderstands or is simply unaware…

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