What is a Zionist?


owsjewsI once received a mass email from a politically conservative writer (who is a non-Christian as far as I know) asking for readers’ input answering the question: “What is a “Zionist.”

Typically I just glance over emails like those and delete them; but the subject matter is one I frequently encounter among both secular conservatives and evangelical Christians, so I thought I would respond to the writer’s inquiry.

What follows are my comments to him, slightly expanded and edited for my readership.

In our modern, politically correct world, “Zionist” has become something of a dirty word.  It’s like being called a “Nazi” or a “racist.”  The idea being that a “Zionist,” at least according to the university educated progressive leftist, “is any person who is unquestionably loyal to, and supports the Jewish state of Israel, in spite of the fact the Israeli government is cruel, bigoted, and openly persecutes the innocent non-Jews…

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2 thoughts on “What is a Zionist?

  1. Good, very good explanation. I’m sad to see the knee jerk Leftist response that import the meaning of Zionists to mean one who believes Israel is always right no matter what. I’m also find it offensive how certain anti-Zionists wouldn’t acknowledge the wrongs on the other side.

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