Review: Judges, Ruth

Excellent review!


When Daniel Block writes a commentary, he really writes a commentary.

Block is known for writing excellent OT commentaries (Ezekiel is 1,758 pages [NICNT 1-24, 25-48], and Deuteronomy [NIVAC] is 880 pages). Judges/Ruth? A whopping 767 pages total. Block’s commentary is longer than Younger’s [NIVAC], and his Judges section is longer than Webb’s [NICOT] (which I’ve heard is also one of the best on Judges).

Suffice it to say, Length doesn’t always constitute greatness. There are plenty of commentaries that are long, but are just too long, or, for the pastor’s purpose, they don’t have much good to say. With Block this isn’t the case. Even in dense works like How I Love Your Torah, O Lord (see my review here), where scales the Hebrew text to find Moses’ meaning on smaller portions of Deuteronomy, he always brings it…

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