JAS: Why do Christians celebrate death?

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This week Christians celebrate Palm Sunday and reflect on the death of Jesus on the Cross. Is it strange to refer to this as a celebration? Why would one celebrate death, especially the death of the one who came to be the Savior of the World and claimed to be God?

Dr. Norman Geisler says “The death of Christ is the necessary prerequisite to his resurrection, which is the crowning proof of Jesus’ claim to be God.”

Many argue the facts of Jesus’ death and resurrection. One theory is that Jesus did not die on the cross but that a drug put Jesus in a coma-like state so that He later revived in the tomb. Is that true or is Matthew’s narrative true? Matthew says Jesus refused the drug customarily offered to the victim before crucifixion to deaden pain (27:34), and He accepted only vinegar later (vs. 48) to quench…

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