Post-Presbyterian Scotland?

The Church in Scotland in 2015 – Part 2

Last week we looked at the reason for the continuing decline of The Church of Scotland.   (

This week I want to reflect on what some are terming ‘Post-Presbyterian’ Scotland. This idea behind this is that Presbyterianism has traditionally practiced in Scotland is now past its sell by date and its time we move on to a new expression of church. It is of course understandable that those who have experienced the dreadful church politics, the stifling bureaucracy and the endless meetings with church ‘legalese’ being the main language, should not wish to return to that. But what does post-Presbyterian mean?

Multi-Presbyterian Scotland

The idea is that in a post-modern, post-Christian secular society, the concept of a national Presbyterian church, with one congregation in every parish, is no longer a viable one. Indeed the trouble is that it has…

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