Spot the Logical Fallacies: Vanessa Summers and 18 Months Old Crying Babies

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vanessa summers racist infantSay what?

Politicians are not necessarily the exemplars of logical reasoning.  They are proofs that the Sophists are still among us.  But once in a while comes an individual that says things so illogical that even other politicians should be embarrassed by it.  Enter Vanessa Summers, a Democratic representative from the Indiana Legislature.

There is currently debate on the Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act.  An explanation of the bill can be found here.  In the midst of this heated debate Vanessa Summers offer some creepy irrational reasons against the bill as the Indiana Star News explained:

The already contentious debate over Indiana’s proposed “religious freedom” bill took a surreal twist Monday afternoon when — in the midst of discussion on the bill — a Democratic lawmaker said that a Republican lawmaker’s child was “scared” of her because she is black.

The comment by Rep. Vanessa Summers drew audible gasps, in…

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