30 March 2015 “Mission and Missionaries among the Jews in 19th Century Europe” – Conference  – #otdimjh 

On This Day In Messianic Jewish History

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I am attending this conference today, and will update posts at intervals

IJS/JHSE Symposium

in honour of

 Professor David Ruderman,

scholar-in-residence of the Jewish Historical Society of England

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9.55am             Welcome by Piet van Boxel,  President, Jewish Historical Society of England

Welcome given by Philip Alexander

Martin GIlbert Martin GIlbert

David Cesarani gave a hesped (eulogy) on the life and work of Martin Gilbert, historian of Churchill and the Holocaust, who died on February 3rd 2015

10.00am           David Ruderman (University of Pennsylvania):

The Revival of the Jewish-Christian Debate in 19th century Europe:

The Evangelical Missionary Alexander McCaul and his Jewish Interlocutors


This was a fascinating study of McCaul’s career, scholarship, motives and methods, and the response of his Jewish interlocutors, most of the Reform Jews who had a similar reservation about the authority of the Talmud that McCaul examined in The Old Paths

10.45am           Nadia Valman (Queen Mary, University of…

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