Scholars in Press: An interview with Bob Bascom

Old School Script

The following interview is part of an ongoing series titled Scholars in Press, which aims to showcase a particular variety of scholars who contribute to biblical studies through their linguistic skills.

242b6faRobert Bascom

• Post-graduate study (1 year) – UCLA, 1991 (Linguistics-visiting scholar)

• Ph.D. Claremont Graduate University, 1986 (Religion/Biblical Studies). Dissertation: Prolegomena to the Study of the Itinerary Genre in the Old Testament and Beyond. UMI: Ann Arbor, 1986

• M.A. Fuller Theological Seminary, 1977 (Theology/Biblical Studies)

• B.A. Westmont College, 1973 (Political Science)

Favorite activities: Hiking in the local mountains and road biking on the local streets.


How did linguistics intersect with biblical studies in your life (or vice-versa)?

Linguistics for me came both before and after my biblical training. I was raised the son of Wycliffe Bible Translators / Summer Institute of Linguistics missionary/teachers. I spent from September to June in the mountains of northern Mexico among the Northern Tepehuan, with whom…

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