Conclusions About Historical Accuracy of the Bible

Thomistic Bent

I have posted several entries that document the accurate historical accounts in the Bible, especially in the book of Acts (see here, and here, and here.) As shown in Colin Hemer’s landmark work, The Book of Acts In The Setting of Hellenistic History, there is a massive amount of evidence that shows that Luke, the Greek-educated physician, wrote an accurate eyewitness account. Acts describes a long series of specific local knowledge, including technical nautical terms, cities, people groups, wind directions, sailing routes, correct local dialects, rules for Roman guards, multiple geographical landmarks, titles of leaders in different countries, correct first-century local terminology, attitudes of local populaces, which ports were suitable during winter, philosophical schools of the day, Roman edicts, scheduling of Jewish feast days, religious practices in different cities, specific buildings in certain cities, local ethnic terms, and on and on.

All this is further supported by the…

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