A Tale of Two Eucharists

Words on the Word

The Last Supper

I just got home from our congregation’s Maundy Thursday service of communion. We came forward, knelt down, and partook of the bread and the cup–the body broken, the blood poured out for us. The altar has now been stripped and the cross covered with black cloth.

Our church’s practice is to celebrate communion on the first Sunday of the month. This Easter, then, will be a Communion Sunday for us.

As we do not have communion every Sunday, the idea of two Eucharists in such close proximity–one on the betrayal-and-death side of the story, the other on the resurrection side–has been fascinating to me.

Below is an adaptation of a short message I wrote to our congregation last night.

I’m writing to invite you again to our Maundy Thursday communion service of worship tomorrow night at the church.

And Sunday is Easter Day, Resurrection Sunday, the most glorious day…

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