Zwinglius Redivivus

1521: The Diet of Worms decided on 19 February to summon Luther to Worms. Luther was already excommunicated by this time. Because he would be leaving the safety of electoral Saxony, Luther received a “safe conduct.” On 2 April, Luther left Wittenberg in the company of the imperial herald, Kaspar Sturm. Two weeks later, 16 April, Luther arrived in Worms and discovered that he was to go before the emperor the next day.


Bild: Friedrich Wilhelm Martersteig (1814-1899), Einzug Luthers in Worms am 16. April 1521

From our friends in Sachsen-Anhalt.

One day, I expect that my every move too will be chronicled.  Because.  Hey stop laughing.  You never know!

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