The Cross Means Freedom For Me

My Story, My Song

Freedom…it’s getting to run as fast as I can across the field to Granny’s, the wind slapping my hair all around. It’s getting to swing as high as I can in Paw-Paw’s swing under the big Oak tree with its gnarled, welcoming arms. It’s the fresh air of summer, the grass grown up to my knees, tickling and soft. It’s the smell of wildflowers blooming in all their rainbow glory. It’s the comfort of a favorite book under a whirring fan on the back porch, and knowing I’ve got plenty of time to read.

summer freedom

Did I ever remember to thank the ones who gave me freedom in my childhood? The ones who worked every day so I could read on a comfortable porch or swing under a welcoming tree?

Freedom…it’s my heart pounding, my throat getting full, my eyes welling up as I sing “America the Beautiful” with my church…

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