The Joy of Christology? a book review

thoughts, prayers & songs:

The problem with much Christology, of both the high and low varieties, is that it can be dry-as-dust boring. Just the mention of the term, and eyes glaze over. The church historians may remember the fire and intrigue of earlier eras, theologians may happily enter the world of doctrinal abstraction, but for most of us, Christology remains opaque. We may be happy that someone is thinking about it somewhere, but we never delve too deeply ourselves.

Michael Reeves, author of the delightful Delighting in the Trinity and teacher of theology at Wales Evangelical School of Theology has once again helped us discover the joy of serious theological reflection. Rejoicing in Christ uncovers the joy in all that Christ is and has done for us. In five chapters (plus a brief introduction and conclusion), Reeves worshipful prose reflect on Christ’s divinity; his humanity;  his life, death, and resurrection; how we share…

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