The Press and Journal – Easter Message

It is encouraging to see that the Press and Journal picked up on my message – here is their truncated version that has gone to hundreds of thousands today. 

Easter offers hope and renewal in the midst of depair

On Thursday night, along with seven million others, I watched the much-anticipated seven leaders’ TV debate.

It was entertaining and better than most TV political debates, and yet at the end I felt profoundly depressed. Why?

Yes there were some good ‘performances’ but that is just what they were, ‘performances’.

I found the whole debate to be shallow, superficial and lacking any real vision, backbone or reality.

There was nothing substantial that would change the heart of a nation.

I heard the sound of politicians talking, arguing and trying to persuade us with their soundbites, self-deification, plastic images and unreal promises.

Sometimes I think that what is missing from these important…

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