Scholars in Press: An interview with Alex Andrason

Great Interview!

Old School Script

The following interview is part of an ongoing series titled Scholars in Press, which aims to showcase a particular variety of scholars who contribute to biblical studies through their linguistic skills. This particular interview is with the brightest linguist I know. He would never tell you, but I’ve seen his CV, and he’s fluent in 9 languages, good with 25 others, and can read 15 classical/ancient languages; he’s published 60+ articles, not counting other books/reviews, etc. So please, enjoy this interview with a linguist extraordinaire.

s200_alexander.andrasonAlexander Andrason

PhD’s (2x): PhD studies in African Languages (Stellenbosch University, ABD); PhD in Hebrew and Arabic Languages (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

Masters (3x): MA (DEA) Semitic Languages (Universidad Complutense de Madrid); MA Icelandic Grammar (University of Iceland); MA Romance Philology (University of Iceland)

Bachelors (3x): BA General Linguistics; BA Icelandic Philology; BA Romance Philology (all from University of Iceland)

Favorite things to do: 1) Reading grammars and…

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