Congrats Jennifer!

This humble little blog has made it onto the “Top 50 Biblioblogs” for Spring 2015, where it, along with several others, was mentioned as a “rising star.” As a friend humorously noted on Facebook, Bart Ehrman’s probably excited to be a rising star, too. Do check out the post to explore the world of biblioblogdom and add some new blogs to your feed. Thanks to all my readers and subscribers for reading, sharing, and/or commenting. I do feel very unworthy to be on that list, and I truly didn’t feel this blog was ready for that kind of exposure (although I suppose exposure had already come when I was asked to host a Biblical Studies Carnival). I mean, my blog doesn’t even have a name or header! And I am but an “uneducated fisherman” right now in regards to biblical studies, but stick with me and I promise you, dear…

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