Islamaphobia Phobia – Why Church, Media and Politicians are Afraid and Spineless

I am sitting in Costas (letting my nerves settle) after having done a live interview with BBC Radio Scotland on my article on ‘Islam, the Elephant in the Room”  and my initial reaction is one of profound sorrow.  Here is why…forgive me if it is a bit emotional.

1) I am fed up of the dumbed down nature and ignorance of British politics and life – I knew that immediately I would be accused of being a bigot, Islamaphobic and I was.  The interviewer accused me of being ‘divisive’ to which I simply pointed out that anyone who expresses an opinion of any kind can be accused of being divisive.    Here are some examples of the responses I have already received “Don’t know if it was your intention, but you came across as an intolerant, ignorant bigot in that interview.”  “You give Christians and bad name if your BBC…

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