Is Christianity Misogynistic?

I continue once again examining the arguments of blues guitar playing, anti-Christian, Chaz Bufe, written in his self-published work, 20 Reasons to Abandon Christianity.

In his 16th point, Chaz claims Christianity is misogynistic. “Misogynistic” is a fancy word meaning “woman hater.” This particular entry is a bit long, so I refer the reader here to read it in its entirety.

Chaz writes in his opening sentence, “Misogyny is fundamental to the basic writings of Christianity.” Really? Woman hating is the one thing that permeates all the writings of Christianity?  I always get a laugh from the person who hates my faith and insists he or she would have nothing to do with such nonsense, but then pretends to be enough of an expert to educate me on what I’m supposed to believe.

Any person who genuinely thinks misogyny is fundamental to Christianity is either,

a) cherry-picking selective…

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