Lecture: What is Messianic Apologetics?


Recently I did a post called A Very Challenging Task: Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus.

Here is a short clip I have on You Tube from a couple of years back where I discuss Messianic Apologetics. I include a power point and spend a large amount of time defining apologetics.  Note: I do use the name “Yeshua” (the Jewish name for Jesus quite a bit).

You may say “What the check is Messianic Apologetics?” Here ya go:

Apologetics is a branch of Christian theology that helps provide reasons for belief in the explanatory power of Christian theism. It is true that other faiths attempt to provide reasons for justification for their own truth claims. I have talked to my share of people from a variety of religious backgrounds such as Islam, Mormonism, The Bahá’í faith, The Watchtower Society and Orthodox /Conservative and Reform Judaism. I have also talked to my share of atheist…

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