Review: Biblical Theology: The Common Grace Covenants


Biblical Theology Common Grace Covenants

Some may be familiar with Jeffrey Niehaus and his work on God at Sinai and Ancient Near Eastern Themes in Biblical Theology. In this new work, volume one of two, on the common grace covenants of the Bible (the Adamic and Noahic covenants), Niehaus compares ANE covenants with those found in the Bible and shows how they are foundational to understanding the Bible’s covenants.

I’ve posted it in a previous review, but it bears repeating, “We cannot honor God’s choice of communication strategies if we refuse to ignore the deep worldview connections shared by both Israelites and pagans” (Heiser, I Dare You Not to Bore Me with the Bible, 9). God’s covenant to Israel is similar to the second millennium BC covenants found in ANE. God is the suzerain (the boss/employer) who promises to provide goods/benefits for the vassal-to-be (the employee-to-be) before the contract is signed. Once…

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