Is the Free Church the Answer?

Is the Free Church the Answer?

(The Church in Scotland in 2015 – part 3)

In my two previous posts (see links below) I looked at why the Church of Scotland is in decline and some of the problems with the notion of a Post-Presbyterian Scotland. But what about the Free Church? I am a Free Church minister (and have been so for 29 years!) and I am, despite numerous letdowns and pains, a loyal ‘Free Churchman’.   Therefore it seems legitimate for Christians in other denominations, who perceive themselves to be under attack, by some of the articles I write, to ask what about the Free Church? Am I really seeking to build up my own denomination by knocking down others?   I really hope that is not the case. In some sense one is harder on one’s own family. But I do think it is time for us to take an overview…

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