Crux Sola

Alright folks – I got an extra copy of Peter Oakes’ brand new Galatians commentary (Baker, 2015) and I am giving it away for free.

But wait a second, this is a contest. Here are the rules:

#1: What would Paul Tweet? Make your own summary “tweet” of Galatians and Tweet it. Accurate summaries are decent. Clever summaries of Galatians are better! (No cheating by linking Twitter to a blog, website, etc. to buy more characters!)

#2: Use these two hashtags in your tweet –  #Galatians #WWPT (as in, “What Would Paul Tweet”)

#3: Copy your tweet into a comment on this post, along with the US state you live in. While everyone is welcome to tweet (please do!), I can only give the book away to someone in the contiguous US.

#4: Deadline is April 24 by 11:59PM PST

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