Finally—the guide we’ve been waiting for! 2.0 (or, An intro to linguistics from a cognitive angle)

Old School Script

By Kris with a K

0412597A little while back I encouraged you to check out The Bloomsbury Companion to Cognitive LinguisticsBut I’m afraid that might have been a bit premature: there’s a better resource out there that promises to be the gracious guide you’re looking for. I’ve been reading through it for the past few months and absolutely love it! It’s called Cognitive Exploration of Language and Linguistics (2nd edition, 2004), and is part of a broader series called “Cognitive Linguistics in Practice”, with the following expressed goals:

A text book series which aims at introducing students of language and linguistics, and scholars from neighboring disciplines, to established and new fields in language research from a cognitive perspective. Titles in the series are written in an attractive, reader-friendly and self-explanatory style with assignments, and are tested for classroom use at university level.

I typically use these…

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