Thursday Stories

Mom's Going to Madagascar

Hello all! This week’s story is from a long ways away! Miss Lacey Higgins writes a blog called Kosmios, which is the Greek word for modest. God has given her a beautiful plan for promoting what she calls “daddy-approved” clothing that will reach far beyond her future customers. In the long run, she hopes to impact young women around the world! Go check out her blog for more information. I began reading her blog in January and I’ve loved learning more and more about what God is doing in her life!

Stories from Mississippi

Be Brave in Jesus Christ
There is no other Way
I was six.  Who has to be brave when they’re six?  I mean maybe when you are trying to get the toy from the other kid in the nursery, but I mean… that is a BIG deal now isn’t it?  Now my story of bravery…

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