The 21st Century Scientist Who Sounds Like a 19th Century Bishop

Zwinglius Redivivus

Neil deGrasse Tyson dislikes politicians who deny science.  As a consequence, he sounds very much like a 19th century Bishop inveighing against those who were beginning to deny God. But it’s not odd, given that for him, science is his god.  Luther was right (in his exposition of the First Commandment in the Large Catechism) –

Wiederum, hangt es auf etwas anderes, dazu sich’s mehr Gutes und Hilfe vertröstet, denn zu Gott, und nicht zu ihm läuft, sondern vor ihm flieht, wenn es ihm übel geht, so hast du einen andern Abgott.

A lot of folk hang out by that campfire.  They aren’t ‘Scientologists’ but they are ‘Scienceologists’.


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