The Politics of the King’s Shepherd

Alastair's Adversaria

Although the 23rd Psalm might be the most familiar of all, I believe that there are dimensions of its meaning that often go unnoticed. Over on Political Theology Today, I suggest that there is a political aspect to the message of the psalm that might have striking implications for contemporary societies.

And here we encounter another dimension of the psalm that is often neglected: this is a psalm attributed to the anointed leader of YHWH’s people. While we are (rightly) accustomed to singing or praying this psalm as a private expression of God’s goodness and our trust in him as individuals, there is a political dimension to it that should not be missed. The psalmist to whom the psalm is attributed is not a private individual, but the representative of his people, blessed with a kingdom by YHWH, yet assaulted by enemy forces seeking his destruction.

2 Chronicles 7:6…

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