Acts 29 Europe – What Jesus Continues to Do and Teach

This week I had the privilege of attending the Acts 29 Europe conference in Nottingham England.

I was there to lead one of the seminars and was only able to be there one day, but I found the whole experience fascinating. The following is not intended to be a full report but just the observations of a passer by. I make them not in any order of importance.

  • Cornerstone Church building in Nottingham is impressive. Modern, well equipped and spacious. Ideal for city centre ministry.
  • Acts 29 has this kind of ‘hip and happening’ image, where the bright young things, complete with beards, lattes and skinny jeans, gather together.   Even as I mentioned I was going to this someone commented “ I can see you all you’re your checked shirts, man bags & skinny mocha lattes!”. Like all caricatures it is partially true. But when you meet Steve Timmis…

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