26 April 1864 Rabbi Rudolp Hermann Gurland affirms publicly his faith in Yeshua #otdimjh

On This Day In Messianic Jewish History


On April 26, 1864, Gurland and his wife were baptized by Pastor Faltin. In accordance with church tradition and Russian law, their names were changed. That Gurland chose “Rudolf Hermann” indicates that the minister was his godfather. Marie was named after Faltin’s wife, Emma. The law in 1850 did not allow Russian Jewish converts to take new surnames.(Raymond Lillevik, Apostates, Hybrids, or True Jews? Jewish Christians and Jewish Identity in Eastern Europe, 1860–1914, 56)

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Here is more of his biography

Rabbi Rudolp Hermann Gurland

Chaim Gurland, the son of a zealous Rabbi in Vilnia, Lithuania, was not yet five years old when his father taught him the word “God”. Soon he was able to read the Holy Scriptures and he loved the narratives of Elijah so much that one night he ran away from home because he “wanted to go up into heaven like Elijah”! It took days before…

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