Bellophobia – Is disagreeing with Rob Bell’s heresy ‘hate speech’ ?

I have a confession to make: I don’t agree with Rob Bell’s teaching. There. I’ve said it. How did you react? Have you immediately pigeonholed me as someone who is a right wing/traditional/uptight Pharisee who needs help for my ‘Bellophobia’?  Have I already been found guilty of hate speech towards a Christian brother?

It’s a serious accusation and one that needs to be dealt with as such. Because if it’s true, then I am guilty of a dreadful sin and bringing disunity in the body of Christ. If it’s not, the accusation can still be used to silence important discussion, because one sure fire way to silence Christians is to emotionally blackmail us via accusations of hate speech. It’s not just Rob Bell, either. Express public disagreement with any Christian ‘brother/sister’ (unless they are some kind of perceived right wing nutcase) and eyebrows are raised, and keys typed. If…

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