28 April 2008 Orthodox Jewish scholar Jon Levenson says “yes” and “no” to the Resurrection of Yeshua #otdimjh

On This Day In Messianic Jewish History


Can you have it both ways? Can an Orthodox Jew affirm the likelihood of the resurrection of Jesus in the light of its historical context and theological background, providing Christians with much-needed support for their faith, without accepting his death on the cross and atonement for sin at the same time? Like Pinchas Lapide, whose book The Resurrection of Jesus (SPCK, 1983) shocked his own Jewish colleagues and dismayed his liberal Christian friends, this latest book by Jon Levenson, co-authored with Kevin Madigan, appears to do just that.

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Jon Douglas Levenson is an orthodox Jewish scholar who has almost single-handedly re-established the discipline of Jewish Old Testament Theology, having originally refused the possibility in his article ”Why Jews and not interested in Biblical Theology” in The Hebrew Bible, the Old Testament and Historical Criticism (Louisville: Westminster Press, 1993).

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As “the most interesting and incisive biblical exegete among contemporary Jewish thinkers”(according…

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