Hebrew Bible / Old Testament: I/1 – From the Beginnings to the Middle Ages (Until 1300)

Zwinglius Redivivus

When the first volume of Magne Sæbø’s massive and encyclopedic Hebrew Bible / Old Testament began to appear many years ago now (1996 for the first volume, 2014 for the last) none of us could have imagined it would become, over time, one of the most widely used, reverentially consulted works in the field of Hebrew Bible studies.  For good reason: the authors which the editor assembled were then (and in many cases even decades later still are) leaders of the field.

Naturally, it is no exaggeration to say that the early volumes (of which this is simply the first) have stood the test of time and read as freshly and insightfully as they did in their early days.   It is also fair to say that the early volumes have been thoroughly reviewed and analyzed.  Unfortunately, many of the early reviews appeared before the heady days of the internet and…

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