Book Review: “Bulls, Bears, and Golden Calves” by John Stapleford

J.W. Wartick - Reconstructing Faith

bbgc-staplefordJohn Stapleford’s Bulls, Bears and Golden Calves is a broad look at the application of Christian ethics to economics. It is stuffed with information from statistics to economic theory to ethics.

Often, when I read about someone putting forward a “Christian” view of economics, I get worried because what happens all too frequently is that the “Christian” view is taken to be equivalent to some existing economic theory and then anyone who disagrees with that theory is seen as being sub-biblical. By contrast, Stapleford does a fantastic job of never giving into the temptation to endorse wholly any one system, noting the impact of human sin and the real injustices that are possible in any economic system. Thus, he successfully navigates a kind of balancing act between liberal and conservative economic views throughout the book.

That said, his often incisive criticism of various economic systems from different angles is…

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2 thoughts on “Book Review: “Bulls, Bears, and Golden Calves” by John Stapleford

  1. This is what I wrote over at J.W.’s blog: “Thanks for letting me know about this book! Sounds interesting. I’ve read a bit more Theonomic leaning books many years ago on Christian view of economics but I would love to see what this book published by IVP has to say!”

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