Christians In Syria Are Pleading For Help

Zwinglius Redivivus

In the weeks leading up to Easter, Archbishop Jean-Clement Jeanbart of Aleppo was starting to sense, finally, that the war that had ravaged Syria since 2011 was finally beginning to ease.

He launched an effort to promote rebuilding and to keep some of the younger generation of Christians in Aleppo, a religiously diverse city of 3 million near the Turkish border that had been the country’s commercial hub.

Then, on Easter weekend, another round of fighting erupted, targeting the Christian quarter of the city and killing and injuring dozens. Three churches and several apartment buildings were destroyed and rockets hit Jeanbart’s own offices, which sit less than 200 yards from the Old City, where the rebels are based.

Read the rest.  And act as led.

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2 thoughts on “Christians In Syria Are Pleading For Help

  1. Wow. Praying. I hope the Lord will defeat all these radical Islamists in Syria and Iraq rather they are the Al Qaeda affiliate, ISIS, Iranian backed rebels or other unknown jihadists. Sad. This is going on too long.

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