The Biblical Scholar-Linguist: An Ostrich among Robins

Old School Script

Where to begin. Why not with categories.

A while back I wrote a post discussing the complexities of categories. Why it’s hard to nail down what’s a “bird”, “mammal” or for that matter, any box you can think of.

What’s a bird? A robin, sparrow, or crow? What about an eagle, ostrich, penguin or kiwi? Why weren’t those the first on your list?

But the category I’m currently concerned about is that of “the biblical scholar”.

Traditionally, this has been composed of a number of features that revolve around traits that one assumes would help a person have a better understanding of an old inspired text. Think theology, history, Greek, Hebrew, hermeneutics, social-anthropology, textual-criticism. In short, the stuff of an all-around Bible-nerd.

But for the past 30+ years, there’s been a growing presence of another discipline that few understand: “the linguist”.

My point in bringing this up is that…

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