On This Day In Messianic Jewish History


Bernard Jean Bettelheim (1811, Pressburg – February 9, 1870) was a Jewish believer in Yeshua who became the first Protestant missionary to Okinawa, Japan.

Pressburg, Slovakia, 1800 Pressburg, Slovakia, 1800

Bettelheim was born into a noted Jewish family in Pressburg, Slovakia, in 1811. He studied, from a very early age, towards the goal of becoming a rabbi. It is said that by the age of ten he could read and write in French, German, and Hebrew, though if his biographies are to be believed, he left home at 12 to become a teacher and continued his studies at five different schools. Bettelheim earned a degree in medicine from a school in Padua, Italy in 1836, and is said to have gone on to file no fewer than 47 “scientific dissertations” within the following three years.

Smyrna, 1840 Smyrna, 1840

He travelled much in these years, practicing medicine in a number of Italian cities, aboard an…

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