Studies in Eschatology [4]


Type Casting the Bible

I have taken up the subject of eschatology and my endeavor has been to share what I have learned. My hope is to be fair with dissenting positions; I want to discuss them accurately without the employment of strawmen.

Before I jump into exploring various eschatology systems, it is necessary to spend some time going over a few foundational matters, particularly an examination of the hermeneutical principles brought to the relevant, eschatological texts by the variety of theological systems. I have observed three broad areas of hermeneutics where eschatological systems will disagree with each other: The relationship of the NT with the OT, How to interpret prophetic passages, and the Israel/Church distinction. Those areas will over lap with each other to be sure, but I have found there is enough of a pronounced difference between them that I can present a specific review of each one.

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