Thursday Stories

Mom's Going to Madagascar

Today’s story is again from right here in San Antonio from a friend of mine named Anne. She faced nonacceptance from family and God still brought her through! I hope you are encouraged by her story!

thursday stories

Stories from San Antonio

My brave journey to salvation!
God taught me bravery! I was born and raised in the Catholic church, but strayed away from church in High School. I did not have God in my life and was not happy. Finally when I was 23, out of college and on my own in New Braunfels, I met my now husband and he took me to church. We began dating in December of 2010 and I soon knew I had found my soul mate. I fell in love with Jonathan’s church and his church family and soon fell in love with God. I was saved on August 16th 2011 and my live has never been the same. Soon…

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