Eerdmans All Over: May 1, 2015


Welcome once again to Eerdmans All Over, a Friday roundup of all the Eerdmans-related news, reviews, interviews, and other interesting online content we can gather in a given week. 

New Releases

Paul’s Divine Christology

Paul’s Divine Christology
By Chris Tilling

The Gospel According to Luke (Pillar New Testament Commentary)
By James R. Edwards

Beloved Community: Critical Dogmatics after Christendom
By Paul R. Hinlicky

Political Agape: Christian Love and Liberal Democracy
By Timothy P. Jackson

News from Eerdmans . . .

  • After a 30-year hiatus. . .
    The Bookies - 1980s. . . The Bookies are back!
    The Bookies - April 28 2015

. . . and Elsewhere

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