The Rescued Syrian Child, the Earthquake in Nepal and God’s Good News in it all

This is an amazing story…the ongoing suffering in Syria and the earthquake in Nepal sometimes cause us to wonder how this can happen in the world?  This video makes some people praise the human spirit.  For me it makes me despair at the thousands of such children who are killed by mans inhumanity to man.  And it reminds me that our only hope is the Gospel…Syria and Nepal demonstrate that we really need the Good News.  Before you just dismiss that, consider the following and consider the alternative.

1)  God made the world and all in it, ‘good’.  He made human beings very good.  (Genesis 1) …and yet that is not how the world is today…what went wrong?

2) When the Lord saw the great wickedness of the human race on the earth (exemplified in bloodshed and violence), the ‘Lord regretted he had made human beings on the earth, and…

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