Free Ebook: A Baptist Catechism

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Free PDF/MOBI/EPUB: “A Baptist Catechism: For Personal & Family Devotion” [including the 1689, Catechism, Church Covenant + more]


Kindle [mobi] | iPad [epub] | PDF | Print: $11.25 / £7.86


Pastor JD Hall & Family
This material has been collected specifically for use among Reformation Montana churches, but it has been made available for all Baptists of life-faith.


•Declaration of Reformation [by JD Hall]
•London Baptist Confession of Faith [(1689) Slight Revisions by Charles Spurgeon]
•Baptist Catechism [as presented by the Charleston Association, 1813]
•Baptist Church Covenant [ an abridged version taken from “A Declaration of Faith” by J. Newton Brown (1853)]
•A Modern Day Downgrade [by JD Hall] – a short treatise on why catechism is necessary for Reformation in our modern times.


JD Hall & James White “Western culture today seeks to cut itself free from burdensome things like truth, consistency…

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