A Brave Mama: Donna’s Story

My Story, My Song

When I was a child, I went to Mission Friends, and then to Girls In Action, and then on to Acteens as a teenager. Now I am in Women on Mission at my church.  These are missions curriculums that teach about missions, encourage a heart for missions, and guide prayer for missions. I learned early on who a missionary is, and how their different purposes fulfill God’s plan to take His word to a lost world.

Because I grew up in a church with a heart for missions, now I pray for missionaries. I give to missionaries. I teach about missions. And I admire missionaries. Missionaries leave the comforts of home; lots of times the comforts of a modern society. In the case of my region of the world, they leave the “Bible Belt”, where there is a church on every corner, to go and plant churches and seeds of…

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